Thursday, October 20, 2011

Twenty Things - Rebecca of Backbone Jewerly

1. I’ve been in love with metal since working in a metal fabrication shop in Philly
2. I’m a pretty serious introvert
3. I chipped my tooth jumping off the cliff at Beaver Dam when I was 17
4. I don’t really like the beach but go every year
5. I may have read most of Tony Hillermans novels
6. But…my favorite author is Dostoevsky
7. Worst job ever as a barely paid waitress at Ihop in Philly
8. Favorite job was landscaping, loved getting dirty every day!
9. In middle school I had to buy size 11 and 12 shoes, thankfully I somehow ended up size 10
10. We can’t keep Fig Newtons in the house because I devour the whole thing in about 2 days, and I don’t like to other flavors
11. I own a house on the same street I grew up on
12. I once lived in a house where we were too cheap to pay the gas bill in the summer so we heated hot water on the stove to use to wash with. Now I refuse to take cold showers.
13. When I was a kid I really wanted to be a hair dresser, I guess I always liked working with my hands.
14. I really like interesting words, I am on an anatomical kick since
I am in school for nursing, Popliteal is pretty great.
15. I love roller coasters and would get on the Zipper in O.C. a couple times in a row every summer.
16. I have a ridiculous love of animals, especially dogs.
17. Fresh hot pretzels at 1 in the morning in Philly are sweet
18. I snuck onto the roof of the Hyatt in Philly and would hang out up there with a friend, the view was amazing!
19. I thought my middle name was just the letter K until sometime in middle school, its actually Kay.
20. My studio is always a disaster

Written by Rebecca of Backbone Jewelry


Yummy & Company said...

I love these twenty things posts! Ditto on the studio disaster!

Sara, Heavens to Bessie said...

Yes, I too have a disater area for a studio....but loom how beautiful it is in your picture!