Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summit of Awesome Wrap-up

Yes it was awesome!
My mind is still reeling from attending the Summit of Awesome last week! (If you're not sure what the Summit of Awesome is, click this link.) The panels they had were so helpful and I'm really excited to try and up my game this year!

Highlights for me were meeting and learning about hiring help from Figs and Ginger. Yes, they are even cuter and amazing in person! Jon Wye- ( you probably know his work, but don't know that you know his work!) and WIllo from Willotoons- this girl really knows her stuff and is so warm and friendly.

Jay McCarroll, from Project Runway, was there and gave a little speech about his journey post-Runway. He has been hitting the craft circuit this past year and says he relates to the "craft world" much more than the "fashion world".

Another highlight was getting to pitch a book idea to a literary agent! I know! Crazy right!?! She gave me some great advice and was very receptive to the ideas I had. I'm not quite ready to get started on anything yet, but it was such a terrific experience to be able to discuss an idea with someone who knows that world and how it works. Sorry if I'm being ramble-y but it really was kind of exciting and overwhelming to be around so many creative people!
The gals from Hello Craft did an amazing job of organizing and putting on this event!

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