Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I'm Working On: Van Wagoner Studios

This past weekend I swung into production mode in the studio working a marathon 48 hours. I'm getting ready for the holidays and having a lot of fun with the clay.

My work is built primarily with slabs and embellished with unique photographic images. This most recent work gets away from the simplicity of a platter or the ease of a small bowl. These forms are geometric puzzles put together with many small stiff slabs of clay. Each one cut and fitted to the last until a closed shape is created.

Each form is inspired by the vernacular architecture which will be printed on it's surface. They are primarily sculptural, though each has a hole (or two) in the top and could serve as a vase–very appropriate for dried wildflowers found in the field. The vases pictured above are in-progress awaiting their barn image.

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