Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Favorite Handmade Treasure: Maria of Worn Dress Designs

In this series of posts, we will be sharing stories about our favorite homemade possessions. First, here's one written by Maria of Worn Dress Designs.

Gray came into my life fairly recently and I love him very much. He was a gift from my significant other.
My partner is a part of a film crew that is currently working on a project called “Wings”, which records the lives of a group of inner city Baltimore Junior High and High school girls. There was a secret Santa exchange planned last Christmas that never took place- so I received this precious creature instead.

Gray was made lovingly out of some scrap fur (originally used to upholster a chair) and an embedded little paper heart that beats when you press in the right spot. We have been together ever since, and because I don’t have a childhood bear or blanket to sleep with, he accompanies me to bed every night.

Do you have a favorite handmade possession? Tell us your story - email baltimoreetsy(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Karen said...

He's so cute, like a little Ewok!