Monday, March 2, 2009

Favorite Shops: TracyChong

Other B.E.S.T. members have blogged here about their love for art made from paper cutouts, and now it's my turn. I am a big fan of the pop-up cards in tracychong's Etsy shop.

First of all, I love the sweet design and fresh colors in this Chain of Hearts card.

Tracy says of her art, "Many years ago, my cousin introduced me to the art of origamic architecture (pop-ups) by Masahiro Chatani. I was fascinated by how a single piece of paper could transform into a beautiful three dimensional object with just a series of cuts and folds. Today, I design my own pop-up cards and it is even more rewarding to see a design in my mind, and with the same cuts and folds, have it come to life from a blank sheet of card."

Her Welcoming Spring card is gorgeous too--this is the kind of card I would buy for someone else but then wind up keeping for myself because I just love that picket fence!

Finally, here's a masculine yet mushy I Love U card in brown and cream.

You don't need to wait for Valentine's Day to give one of these beautiful cards.