Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What I'm Working On: Danamarie of greenstarstudio

It's been over a decade since I made my first Knitimal, and in that time I have dreamed up, knit, sewn & stuffed over 600 of them, and watched them all find homes all over the world. This amazing opportunity to bring art into young lives has kept me thinking, pondering, sketching & creating with almost insomniac fury. What I'm working on now has been cooking in my brain for a while now, but this winter I finally found time to delve into a massive new undertaking... In just a few weeks I'll be unveiling a brand new line of art dolls; ones that encourage art making & creativity, even for the self proclaimed "non-artist". They're top secret for now, but I'm revealing them bit by bit on my blog. Now, to come up with a name for them...

This series of posts will give you a sneak peek into what B.E.S.T. members are currently working on--in progress. The results may be messy, but they're definitely creative! Would you like to submit your own work in progress? Email us at

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tigerlillyshop said...

my daughter loves hers, sleeps w/ it every night.