Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twenty Things: Cara Ober

Cara Ober is an artist, art critique, blogger and co-owner of Paperwork Gallery here in Charm City. She shows both locally and nationally, and can be found commenting on all things art and political at To see more of her work check out

20 Random Unoffensive Facts about Me, Cara Ober:

1. If I had to eat only one food for the rest of my life I would choose ... wait for it ... peanut butter. The recent salmonella scare had me in a panic.
2. I married a man I met in 7th grade Orchestra class. We both played the violin.
3. I have two yappy smalldogs, Friday and Peppy, and I love them more than life itself. Their pomeranian antics entertain me constantly.
4. I have never been able to choose between art making and writing. So I do both at the same time. I'm not sure how efficient this is.
5. I can't touch my toes.
6. For some reason, I receive People Magazine in the mail each week addressed to me, the Spanish Langauge Version, which I can't read.
7. I am not a natural blonde. Hard to believe, I know.
8. I am addicted to coffee. Hot in the winter and cold in the summer.
9. I do not like dessert. Salt = Yes. Sugar = No.
10. I have approximately 10 different jobs that actually pay me. But not very much.
11. I live in a house that is 100 years old and my husband is fixing it up one room at a time. I use this as an excuse to not clean. Ever.
12. I bite my fingernails like it is going out of style. I really enjoy it. I know it is gross.
13. I am still close with my best friends from elementary school and middle school. I am wealthy in friendships. I have several good friends in my immediate Baltimore area as well.
14. I adore body products that smell like mint or nuts. I detest body products that smell like fruits or flowers. Is coconut a fruit or a nut? I put it in the nut category, unless it is combined with a Pineapple smell, which ruins it for me.
15. I always assume everyone I meet is gay. This sometimes gets me into trouble.
16. I love Woody Allen. I love his movies. I love him. I really love him. I am watching 'Manhattan' right now. It is my favorite one.
17. I refuse to shop at Wal-mart. I will not step foot inside. I get panic attacks and think they (the wal-mart people) are evil. Seriously. I don't understand why anyone goes there. There are some things more important than saving money. Yes, there is a tirade here.
18. I am an pretty effing good cook. I never use recipes although reading glossy cooking magazines is one of my guilty pleasures.
19. I am politically involved and interested. I will argue with anyone at any time. Gay marriage = fairness. Conservatives need to learn that time does not march backwards.
2o. I am a terrible driver. I sometimes check my email while driving.

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Sweet Pepita said...

Ah, one room at a time... I hear you! Our house was built in like 1860 and it's taking to fix up. Awesome 20 things!