Saturday, September 13, 2008

Craft Therapy

Crafting has really gotten me through some hard times.

A few winters ago, I was going through a divorce and many other changes in my life, and I passed a lot of time sitting in the basement with my dogs, crocheting tons and tons of granny squares. I found the predictable circular patterns of the crochet comforting and the yarn warm and soothing to touch. After that winter, I was left with all those squares and I put them together into what I call my Divorce Afghan.

When I look at it, I think about corny (but true) ideas like learning from adversity, being proud of personal growth, and the importance of keeping my sense of humor when things get tough.

I continue to count on crafts to serve as a stress reliever, pacifier, escape, and many other things----how about you? Has crafting ever saved your sanity, too?

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rhymeswithcori said...

i live in a less than ideal situation. and every single time i feel like i could just say "eff it" and move across the country, i make something. i either sew (i made a t-shirt quilt during the time that our toilet was broken), or i bake cupcakes (whenever i need a pick me up).

in short, yes! crafting helps me keep my sanity almost constantly.