Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fabric-Covered Magnets

Lots of us have leftover fabric. I have an idea for something to do with all those scraps—let’s make fabric-covered magnets!

First, gather your supplies. You need a flat surface, Mod Podge, and a brush or sponge. You also need a vinyl-coated magnet sheet—not the ones with adhesive on top. You can buy these at any craft store, or even on Etsy.

Take your fabric scraps and lay them out on the sheet. I’ll use these Japanese-themed fabrics.

Paint the backs of the fabric pieces with Mod Podge and press them flat onto the vinyl side of the magnetic sheet, being sure to smooth out the lumps while at the same time not distorting the image.

Now, paint the top of the fabric with a coat of Mod Podge. Don’t worry; it will dry clear. When it dries, paint another layer on top. I stop here, but you may want to do one more layer if your fabric is particularly textured, or you want a shiny finish.

Once it dries, you can cut them out any way you like. Make sure the edges are firmly stuck to the magnet—if not, another coat of Mod Podge might be in order.

So, there you have it! Sayonara!

Post written by BennyAndHeidi

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