Thursday, September 11, 2008

Twenty Things - Tigerlilly Shop

1. I am grateful to Cadbury who only sells their Mini Eggs once a year around Easter, I would be in big trouble if they were on the shelves year round.
2. Once, I caught a tadpole and raised it to a full grown leopard frog, and I was afraid of it once it was full grown ( Freaky eyes… )
3. I am a career Girl Scout. I even got my Gold Award despite my troop going underground for most of jr. hight and high school.
4. Probably, I spent 1/2 of my childhood catching crawfish and poison ivy in the ditches next to my house in Louisiana.
5. When everyone else in high school had a part time job making money, I volunteered my time away -and loved it.
6. When I gave birth to my daughter, Julie Bell helped make it an absolute perfect textbook water birth –au natural (*high fives all around to those who feel me).
7. I was appalled and laughed out loud at the real estate listing we eventually bought and made our home.
8. I am the oldest of 4 sisters, but admit I might not be the smartest one.
9. I think I laugh too loud, but don’t care.
10. I share my home with an exotic rainbow land crab named Fruity, a Siamese fighting fish named Poogdu, and my cat. Oh, and of course my daughter and her father.
11. I hated wearing dresses as a child.
12. I have been reupholstering furniture for 10 years, from outdoor cushions to museum quality antiques. Yes, those kitties keep me in business;)
13. I am always up for a challenge or one more thing that I may or may not be able to handle…
14. On that note, I started my first blog in July:
15. I love, love, love to garden. I can’t get enough.
16. I discovered that I like to eat beets this year.
17. My all time favorite flower is a fresh pink tulip.
18. I am in awe of my mom.
19. Anything I ever tried to make with color turned into a rainbow.
20. I would be lost if the Pixies never existed.

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Sweet Pepita said...

I Think we're all due a Easter treat Pixies party!