Thursday, September 4, 2008

Twenty Things - Sara Wears Skirts

Sara (aka sarawearsskirts) works for Etsy, making the Etsy Teams program work. You can find her blog at

1. I'm allergic to wasabi, but love sushi.
2. I ran a full marathon in Alaska on the summer solstice a few years ago.
3. I have a degree in Architecture.
4. My neighbors elected me block captain. I'm not sure if it's an honor or a chore.
5. Janie is my dog - she's really sweet, and totally looks like a dingo.
6. Last spring, my bike got smashed by an SUV.
7. 4 days later, my little car got totaled by a tow truck.
8. I mostly just walk everywhere now.
9. I commute to Brooklyn about a dozen times a month to work at Etsy.
10. I'm really into local, craft beers.
11. I grew up in Central New Jersey, near the shore.
12. I was vegetarian (and sometimes vegan) for about 10 years.
13. This summer, I learned to fully embrace a meat-eating lifestyle.
14. I'll travel practically anywhere once, given the opportunity.
15. I don't wear pants.
16. I have about 60 dresses (many vintage and handmade!)
17. I have just about as many skirts (it's an addiction.)
18. I feel naked if I'm not wearing earrings.
19. One of my most favorite jobs ever was working as an ice cream cake decorator.
20. I love ice cream, probably too much.

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averagejen said...

i heart skirts too!

Sugarloaf said...

YAY, another central Jersey girl!!

Sweet Pepita said...

aghhh. My bike was hit, too- by a city work truck while it was in the designated bike rack. That is the worst feeling! I am so sorry!

Yummy & Company said...