Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twenty Things: Odds and Ends

Twenty things you didn't know about Jessica of Odds and Ends.

1. I love the Maryland flag – best flag design ever

2. I’m writing these 20 things in class, I can not specify which one, as I don’t want it to reflect in my grade ;)

3. I have the two most awesome cats ever, Howard and Bear

4. Clutch is my favorite band, them being from Maryland is just a bonus

5. I’ve been a full time student for last twenty years of my life – that ends on May 15th

6. I have a bachelor’s degree from UMBC – I majored in social work and minored in Women’s studies

7. In a few weeks I will have a master’s degree in social work with a clinical mental health concentration

8. I really LOVE television, it’s probably unhealthy, however I am killer at any trivia game about television.

10. My favorite shows include (but are not limited to) the wire, the office, arrested development, the golden girls, south park, futurama, and terrible reality shows (and I mean terrible, I actually watch I Love Money on VH1)

11. I love the summertime – I don’t care how humid it is, summer is fantastic

12. Speaking of summer…I’m addicted to summer camp, as a kid I spent many summers as a camper at a western themed camp & between the ages of 15-21 I worked at camp for children and adults with disabilities….best thing ever

13. I must have been a mermaid (or fish, but mermaid sounds better) in my previous life – I love all aquatic things…the ocean, the pool, boating, jet skiing, surfing, etc.

14. Sharks are my favorite animals, I read Eugenie Clark – Shark Lady in the 3rd grade and have been obsessed ever since…lets add shark week to #10

15. Clive Owen is the sexiest man alive but my husband is a close second

16. In a few years I’d like to go back to school for another degree

17. I just joined Etsy a few months ago, it’s very intimidating, very talented people – I just want to create fun affordable jewelry

18. I love game night! I like things like trivial pursuit, risk, apples to apples, and pop five

19. You know how I said I really LOVE television? I also really LOVE the internet, again probably to much, I generally don’t go more then a few hours without checking facebook & perez and updating twitter, follow me -

20. My car was made I the 90’s, has both the check gauges and check engine lights on, the air conditioner is broken, and some of the windows don’t roll down, its terrible, but that car got me through 7 years of college/graduate education, I will be slightly sad when I get a new car.

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Karen said...

Confession. me too: I Love Money is excellent background TV for working in the sewing room!

Kathy said...

HA! I have also been known to watch bad VH1 tv shows while sewing!!!

Anonymous said...

Bad TV makes for the best productivity though. You don't have to think about it....but then you get so caught up in the wrongness and gossip that you just can't stop watching!