Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's Go Out!

Since my new little bean arrived, I'll admit, I haven't been out much... but boy, am I ready. The next nice day we have, we're going to venture out somewhere like Hampden, to do a little shopping, have some lunch, and see some friends. Here's what I'll be wearing:

Since one of the biggest parts of going out is dressing my kids, I think my daughter would look adorable in this dress by littlefishbigpond. This one's ready made to save me time, but the shop also features "sew it yourself" versions.

And for the new little guy, this adorable custom onesie by lisagorno.

To carry all my stuff- this fun diaper bag from retrofied.

And to carry the little one, so I have hands to shop, this beautiful jade linen sling by RaspberryBaby.

Since sometimes I feel like the only part of me you can see is my head, I'm going to wear these gorgeous bobbies by Cultivar.

See you out soon!

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