Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I'm Working On: Nancy

This week, I'm thinking in rainbows. It's been too rainy lately and I'm ready for some nice weather! Because of all the rain, I've found myself hanging out on the computer ordering lots of supplies. I primarily create paper goods and knit, and I've been thinking spring: bright colors, cute prints, and sparkles to brighten my days. Can't go wrong with that, right?

I finally received my first handspun yarn that I'd ordered from etsy. I couldn't wait to knit it up; it's so bright and sparkly! I created the cute clutch and coin purse set pictured above. My first handspun knitting experience was absolutely thrilling. The yarn was luscious and I found a new obsession. I suppose every girl's gotta have a spending vice, and yarn is mine. So now they're just sitting in my "to be lined pile" waiting for me to catch the sewing bug.

Another project I've got going on this week are these cute cards. I create mini not card sets, and these are bright and springy and I'm absolutely in love with them! In this set, I'm including 4 different cover prints; 2 of each design per pack. I make the envelopes, and am lining this set with a cute green polka dot print paper.

Finally, I've been working on expanding my jewelry line. I'm not a jewelry artist, but became inspired to translate my Contained Series Drawings into a jewelry design to create a smaller price point in my shop. It turned out, I really loved making them, and now I've got a couple different varieties that I make. Last week, while on my supply ordering kick, I decided to order some round pendant banks to fill. So here they are, I am really liking this shape vs. my original design set inside oval banks.

If you'd like to see these in their finished states, check out my etsy shop!

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