Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I'm Working On: Shelly Daly

I'm working on creating kits for my new Etsy site called Aurelia's Pearl. I'm going to be selling a kit of parts with instructions to make a few different necklaces. Here is the first package mock up, so please disregard the tomato sauce stain. Any input or thoughts are appreciated.

Interestingly, I've bagged all the parts and pieces for the kits, but the difficult part is the package and instructions as well as the photos necessary to go along with the instructions!

Do you think kits for crafts will sell on an Etsy site or are these only going to sell at shows...or at all? Sometimes it's so hard to get a handle on the marketability of your own idea.

written by Shelly of A Stone's Throw.


shellydaly said...

Hey guys...this is not the necklace that is made from the kit...it's a "favorite possession!" Wish I was that good at saw work! The kits are for my neckwreaths with instructions for variations. You can see the necklace on the back of the package in the second photo!

Sweet Pepita said...

ooops! I removed it. sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea:) I work in an elementary school and know a lot of the teachers and aides want to sit in and make the art project along with the kids. I think people really want to be creative on their own, just don't know how to get started!