Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twenty Things -Worn Dress Designs

1. I am a current undergrad MICA senior.
2. I am a painting major but haven’t painted in a few years. Instead I make soap, jewelry, screen print, letter press and help produce performances.
3. I love to people watch.
4. I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and moved to New York when I was 8.
5. I live in a sunny apartment in Mt Vernon and spend a lot of time looking out my window with a cup of tea in hand.
6. I am a part of the Charm City Kitty Club and have been trying to expand visual arts/ crafts at the shows.
7. I love small objects.
8. I like rainy nights and fire escapes.
9. I am in love with a boy who brings me cups of tea.
10. I believe in community.
11. I like keys, postcards and German Expressionism.
12. I have a tattoo of twenty envelopes across my lower back.
13. Jackie Randall of Charm City Tattoo is responsible. And also all the people I never want to forget.
14. I hope I never stop learning or doing things on a whim.
15. Making paper is one of my favorite things.
16. I am not worried about the future.
17. I love my jobs.
18. I have been cooking and eating vegan food for over a year even though I am not vegan.
19. I miss my childhood home.
20. I haven’t had my nails painted since I was 16.


A Little Of A Lot said...

I'm curious, what's symbolic about the 20 envelopes ?

worn dress said...

i just wanted to record some of the things/ people that are a part of my life when i was 20. it felt like a good number.

tigerlillyshop said...

maria, so glad to meet you. fresh face, fresh 'tude. can't wait to hang out again!