Monday, August 3, 2009

Favorite Seller: Fabric Worm

One of the nice things about being part of BEST is that I occasionally slip my collar and leash and try out something entirely different from what I normally work on. When I decide to escape into fabric, I head straight to Etsy to the lair of The Fabric Worm.

A Fabric Worm is a person who is devoted to fabric, although "addicted to fabric" might be a better way of describing it for most of us. With so many options, and with new styles of fabric arriving on what seems to be an almost daily basis, The Fabric Worm is right there to help us indulge our passions. In my case, I buy small quantities of what I hope is excruciatingly hip fabric to cover little books that I make. Fat quarters and half-yard, color-coordinated groupings, are perfect for me. I can sin without the guilt of having spent too much money.

My real reason for loving The Fabric Worm, however, has nothing to do with the actual fabric. I genuinely like the woman who owns the shop. She has the customer service and shipping angles completely refined, and she's genuinely nice in the bargain. Take this recent convo between the two of us:

Amadison (regarding listing xxx): Help! What is a "jughandle" fat quarter? I feel so stupid.

Fabric Worm: Ha Ha!! Jughandle is just the name that the designer called that color combination:) Hee Hee! Certainly no need to feel stupid:) That's so great that your notebooks sold so quickly! Yay!

So for incredible, brand-new fabrics, great customer service, all interlaced with a sense of humor, I'd recommend that you head for the Fabric Worm. Here, by the way,is a piece of Heather Ross's "Mendocino" collection in the colorpath she calls "Jughandle." It's actually plum.

Post written by Anne.


FabricWorm said...

Wow Anne! I truly Lovely of you to post about me! I'm blushing a bit:) Best! Cynthia

FabricWorm said...

typing too fast as usual. Of course I meant, How truly lovely of you to post about me. Need sleep:) Cynthia