Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twenty Things - Sweet Pepita

Twenty things you might not know about Shannon of Sweet Pepita, unless you've been following from the very beginning!

1. My husband called me Little Chrissy when we first met because I ate that much candy.

2. Even though I have 2 cats (who I love), I’m really a dog person.

3. I don’t wear a wedding ring.

4. Even if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t want to move. I love our little house.

5. I speak Spanish, although it’s not as good as it used to be.

6. There are ghosts in the past 2 houses I’ve lived in.

7. If I had given birth to a boy, and not a girl, I would have named him Link Emiliano. (Link, after Link Wray and Emiliano, after Emiliano Zapata.

8. I’m superstitious. Very, very superstitious.

9. My memory of things that have happened is so much better than my ability to remember to do things.

10. I come from a long line of psychic women.

11. Marigolds are my favorite flowers. Some people think they’re pedestrian, but I think they’re magnificent.

12. I love feeling the warmth of the sun shining through a glass window in the wintertime.

13. If I have to spend any time in Hell, I’ll probably be removing wallpaper. While on a treadmill.

14. I could eat tamales every day.

15. My mom has tried several times to teach me how to make tortillas, but I can not.

16. Steve Buscemi is my big movie star crush.

17. We still don’t have cable television, but I wish we did.

18. I like baking because it’s scientific and makes me feel smarter than I actually am.

19. I like vacuuming.

20. Nothing grosses me out more than mayonnaise. I don’t care what fancy name they give it, it’s still nasty.

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melis731 said...

These are hilarious. I love #13 :)

Kathy said...

I fully agree- Steve Buschemi is terrific and mayonaise is very disgusting.