Thursday, August 13, 2009

Restaurant Week - The Prime Rib

It's restaurant week in Baltimore, which means tarabu is finally getting taken to The Prime Rib. Going to The Prime Rib is no mere dinner out - serious forethought is required. For starters, I have to remember to wear jewelery, attractive shoes, attractive clothes and make-up.

One doesn't just roll into The Prime Rib in jeans and a cotton jersey top, no matter how much one paid for them! There's a dress code at The Prime Rib and, quite frankly, I think more restaurants should follow suit.

But wait, tarabu doesn't eat land animals - what, pray tell, does a fish-and-veg eater find at a place called 'The Prime Rib'? Well, they have a kickin' seafood menu and the best mashed potatoes this side of Galway (sorry granny) and a creme brulee that makes time stand still.

So, what are you doing for dinner?

Post written by tarabu. Image by bugbitesplayfood.


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Gertrude's cause it's close, we can sit outside and don't need a sitter!