Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Finds - Yummy!

Pull up a chair and have a heaping helping of humor! These incredibly creative Friday finds might not tantalize your taste buds but they sure do tickle your funny bone! So next time you need an afternoon pick me up, head to these clever Etsy sellers instead of the cupboard. After all laughter is the best medicine and completely calorie free!

Who can say no to French toast, especially when his name is Pierre and he has a bad attitude. As mentioned in his description “He's toast. He's French. He isn't amused.” Pierre the French Toast can be found at Girl Meets Craft.

Pregnant women often crave pickles during pregnancy but what happens when a pickle gets pregnant? Well, with a bit of help from Big Me Little World we get a bit of insight into the lives of the Pickle family with this piece named “dad mom and me paper pickles / sweet preserves glass jar.”

Angelina and Brad? Romeo and Juliet? No - the greatest love of our time is Bacon and Eggs! This hand drawn and painted card by Persimmons Gal will bring a smile to the face of the lucky recipient and not cause high cholesterol.

If cuddling up to a jumbo wiener is your idea of a good time, then this pillow is for you! With the Pack o' Hot Dogs Throw Pillow by Twinkie Chan you won’t be wondering about the mysterious meat that makes up the hot dogs. This graphic for the pillow was drawn by the artist and was printed directly onto the fabric and was sewn into this tasty snack pillow.

Have a great weekend!

Post written by Kolleen of Design by Night.

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Block Party Press said...

The bacon and eggs card stole my heart!