Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twent Things - greenstarstudio

Twenty things you didn't know about Dana of greenstarstudio, unless you've been following from the beginning!

1.) I'm allergic to hamsters.
2.) I've painted over 50 murals.
3.) I can knit in the dark (in fact, many Knitimals are knit in movie theaters)
4.) 80's music. Gotta have it.
5.) I have an unflinching (and possibly disconcerting) love of thrillers, horrors and scary, scary movies.
6.) I was kicked out of Pre-K for demanding additional crayons. They'd given me a single green crayon to color with.
7.) I own close to a 80 pairs of shoes, but almost only ever wear crocs or flip flops. Speaking of Crocs, I have 10 pairs.
8.) I grow my hair for "locks of love"; once it gets long enough, I snip it off and start over again
9.) I am terrified of & completely wigged out by monkeys. I can't look at them, hear them or be near one.
10.) I have been a judge in a fierce chocolate chip cookie bake off.
11.) speaking of chocolate chip cookies; I am the self proclaimed foremost authority on a good one & even keep a CCC journal (with over 50 entries).
12.) I smile at dogs I pass on the street.
13.) Pete's Dragon' & 'Popeye' are responsible for my continuing childhood obsession with New England.
14.) I can rarely eat an entire bunch of bananas before they go brown and squishy. But I still buy them.
15.) I used to have a sweet hairless guinea pig named Leopold Bloom.
16.) I really like watching rats in the city. I love pigeons too.
17.) I miss the lizards on the sidewalks in Miami (but that's ALL).
18.) I made the first Knitimal ever when I was bedridden with the worst flu I've ever had; and my fever broke as I sewed the final stitches.
19.) I want a pet pig... a big one, not a pot belly. His name will be Ulysses.
20.) I love Logic Puzzles & kick butt in Scrabble.

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