Saturday, March 13, 2010

Creative Spaces: Atelier-Beads

The top floor of our row home is flooded with light. It's the perfect
place for a workshop, and my husband and I created one for me last
year. One whole wall of the room is devoted to PegBoard storage.

I hang and store strands of beads, vials of seed beads, wire and
cable, and tools--all sorted and ready for use. I like having my
entire stash spread out, and the PegBoard helps me to do that. I have
two large tables placed at opposite ends of the room. One is dedicated
to bead work. It becomes cluttered and disorganized while I'm working
on a project, but tidying-up is easy. Everything goes back on the
PegBoard or into any one of a large number of compartmented plastic

My second table is entirely given over to the
computers and all their electronic bits and pieces. I'm
blessed with a modest walk-in closet, and I've devoted one side of it
to mailing equipment and supplies. It also houses display equipment.

That's my vintage Singer sewing machine in the foreground.
A large system of open shelves from Ikea houses all my plastic bins,
boxes, drawers, catalogs, and old magazines.

My best buddy, Spencer-the-Beagle, has a cozy spot near the shelves where I keep my

Written by Anne of Atelier Beads

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thanks for giving us a peek into where the craft-magic happens!