Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mood Music

Over the years, I’ve heard stories about department stores piping in music (and even smells) that make you want to spend every last penny you’ve got. And, as much as music can move me and my moods, I am sure that throughout my life I have unknowingly been influenced to buy based on what my ears are tuning in.

So, as a little experiment, I thought I’d pop on one of my favorite tunes and do a little Etsy browsing and see where the music takes me (and my credit card). My song of choice— “Foundations” by Kate Nash. She’s British and feisty and great fun to listen to. If you like Lilly Allen, Kate Nash will be a new favorite. You can hear the child-friendly/radio version of the song here.

Now, onto the shopping!

I am intrigued, amused, and getting quite thirsty…it’s the Beer Soap Company’s, “How Stella Got Her Brew Back Beer Soap - made with Stella Artois Lager”This lovely little letterpress print by a new Etsy seller, Dear Colleen: “When Life Hands You Lemons”A cool, wind up vintage toy from Fiber Arts Outlaw: “Tin Turn Vintage Key Racing Motorcycle”

And, last but not least…this funky “Turf” button ring from BEST’s own Tigerlilly shop for my fingertips. It will look awesome on my hand while I drink my gin and tonic!
Written by Brooke of FuzzyMug.