Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Finds: The "Eyes" Have It!

I'll admit it, I'm an eye-shadow junkie. I love the colors, the shades, the sparkle! A dreary day could be made better by just a swipe of a brush, and suddenly your face looks brighter, and you feel better! The best eye-shadow enhances the natural beauty of your eyes, and when those eye-shadows are made of natural materials themselves, you have my attention! All the products in Pink Quartz Mineral's shop are made to order, and are 100% vegan - down to the brushes and applicators.

The best part, is that they don't irritate, for people with sensitive eyes!! You can join the eye-shadow of the month club, or just pick out a color shot sample pack to try a few colors at a time.
If you're really daring...order the "one of everything," and you'll have the color and sparkle for every occasion!

written by Lauren of JerseyGirlDesign

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