Monday, March 29, 2010

Favorite Etsy Shops: Colorful Inspiration!

Color is both an inspiring and a calming influence for me. There are so many great etsy shops that make me smile as I surf etsy, which I can do for hours on end if I gave myself the time - here's a few of my absolute favorites -

I like color to begin outdoors. This stained glass panel is the japanese kanji character for Flower.
From FeralGlass

A big bold bright wall mural as you walk through the front door - gets my mind charged every time! Aptly entitled Sensory Delight from MadArt

What a way to recycle old records! I love this work! Rainbow Mandala Record Bowl by Eye Pop Art

and of course...yarns. The colors, the textures and the inspirations they bring. I love looking, buying and creating with so many of the great etsy fiber artists! Here's a soft wonderful handspun merino from Syrendell.

Written by Deb of GlowGirl

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