Thursday, September 18, 2008

Twenty Things - The Broken Plate

1. I am a big chicken who is scared of flying, spiders and roller coasters among other things.
2. I love going out to eat by myself (although I never get to do it anymore.)
3. I have seen 2 famous people in the Airport, John Waters and Annie Leibowitz.
4. I was voted Most Likely to be a Millionaire in high school. (Ironically, it was probably because I sold a lot of hemp jewelry to the stoner kids.)
5. My favorite dessert is a brownie sundae with coffee ice cream and extra peanut butter from Friendly’s or a Macaroni Grill brownie.
6. I spend almost 10 years working in photo labs; the smell is nostalgic to me.
7. If I was not a crafter, I think I would study to become a chef.
8. I drove cross county once in the hopes of finding a city that I would love to move to. It only made me like Baltimore more.
9. It makes me crazy that I can never reminder which is worse, a storm watch or a storm warning.
10. I love breakfast sandwiches.
11. I HATE those giant blow-up holiday lawn ornaments and fantasize about shooting them with a bb gun.
12. I somehow think life is easier for tall people.
13. I have been stuck on number 13 for 2 weeks.
14. We decided Nolan’s name via text messages between Detroit and Baltimore .
15. I shot a Vanilla Ice concert (with my camera, of course)
16. I am allergic to my own dog and spend pretty much all of my time at home sneezing and playing with her.
17. I have a crush on Martin O’Malley.
18. I have AWFUL handwriting!
19. I love reality TV. (wince)
20. I am doing this list right now to avoid doing the things I have to do like clean the house and do my laundry. Can I make it 30 things you don’t know about me?

Would you like to be featured? Email your twenty things (keep it clean, please!) to baltimoreetsy (at) gmail (dot) com. Be sure to include your photo, name and URL.


Yummy & Company said...

i hate those blow up things too! i want to tackle them and squoosh them!

DZ said...

We can start the blow-up squooshy haters club. I'll gladly join. They are so annoying.
There is a yard on Dundalk Ave, right next to I-95 that has at least a dozen of them packed into it every Christmas. It looks like an elevator full of fat people going to a costume party. Last year his yard reached critical mass and he started putting them on the roof, too.

tya anthony said...

i think i pretty much knew most of that in some way or another

Fall 2011 said...

{{{blush}}} o'malley crush here too...

Sherry said...

yes, I am a blow up xmas item hater as well. But, I live in a rather stuffy neighborhood and I keep threatening to get dozens of those to put all over the house. Scandalous....

Carly said...

I wish life was easier for tall people. Woe is me. I guess being tall might be an asset in the quest to destroy all things blow-up and Christmas. :)