Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do You Moo?

It's a funny name, but they sure do offer an amazing product. Moo is a printing company that has teamed up with Etsy to offer business cards and MiniCards with images uploaded directly from your Etsy site. The possibilities are literally endless....Moo lets you print a box of cards with a different image on each card. I have found that this is an amazing way to remind customers who might pick up your card at a craft show who you are and what you make. In addition to the option of uploading your very own product photos they also offer a wide selection of funky and unique designs to choose from if you prefer not to use your own images. While I love the standard size business card the MiniCards draw a lot of attention due to their unique and super cute mini size. They can be used as price tags, jewelry display cards, hang tags, bookmarks, gift tags, thank you cards.....the list goes on and on! Moo also offers greeting cards, post cards, mini stickers and business card holders. Easily my favorite discovery of the year!

Written By: Lola Miren

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