Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Finds- Shoo Flu!

Is everyone sick? I think so. Ugh. Get better fast with handmade comfort and extra sweet goodness. If ever there was a time to pamper yourself, this is it. Take care and rest up!

Stay in bed. And jot down ideas. Sketch. Record your dreams and your fever induced hallucinations.

Blue Letterpress and Handstitched Dos-a-Dos Notebook from Uncommon Envelope

Stay warm. And soft and just beautiful.

Stripey Wool Crochet Blanket 200 cm x 230 cm. from rocket and bear

Drink your tea!

Organic EUCALYPTUS/MINT Tea Relieve RESPIRATORY issues 15-20 cups from The Loose Leaf

And wrap your hands around a fine cup.

sweet love - Translucent porcelain cup from Stepanka ceramics

And eat whatever you want. You're sick. You can.

Brown Sugar Gingerspice shortbread cookies from whimsy & spice

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tigerlillyshop said...

great post! i can tell you know about this flu first hand! lol.