Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twenty Things- Dandelion Blu Jewelry

1. I am recovering wedding and event photographer. I owned my business for 5 "seasons," and it almost killed me.

2. Although I am professional photographer, I rarely have a camera on me, and when somebody says "we should get a picture of that" everybody turns to me expectantly...

3. I have several rescued animals, and lost dogs seem to find me everywhere. My dream is to one day have a sanctuary where packs of homeless dogs can run and be guaranteed a home for life.

4. On the topic of animals, my other dream is to one day have enough space for a goat, a pig, and free range chickens (not for eating.)

5. On the topic of chickens, I have seen a chicken "running around with it's head cut off." Growing up my dad made an incubator and thought it would be educational for us to see chicks hatch. Pretty soon we had a huge flock and well, some became dinner.

6. I love ketchup. I would put it on pretty much anything if it was socially acceptable. I consider french fries to be just a vehicle for the ketchup.

7. I am directly related to Edwin P. Hubbell, the scientist who discovered the "Big Bang Theory," and for whom the Hubble Space Telescope is named for. When it was launched, my family got to go to Florida to see it.

8. Halloween is my favorite "holiday." I eat up all those ghost story shows, and consider October the best month for t.v. watching.

9. I can't wait till my boy is old enough for trick or treating, I want to make his costumes- yeah I'll be "that" mom, and he's going to be "that kid in the homemade costume."

10. My Dad and I both think the house I grew up in was haunted. Also, every year my friend and I go on a ghost tour. We've exhausted all the ones in the area. I believe.

11. My guilty pleasure is watching "90210" re-runs on the Soap channel.

12. Speaking of "90210," when I was in college at UMBC I got a job at Planet Hollywood in the harbor. I was working at the opening and Luke Perry (aka Dylan McKay) was there. I was really disappointed in how short he was...

13. I do not sing in public. Ever. Not even Happy Birthday. I've been caught lip syncing it!

14. I never held a little baby till I had my own.

15. I am not a natural red head- gasp! I've been dyeing my hair so long I am not sure what color it is naturally.

16. My Grandmother is a professional clown named Petunia. She went to Klown Kollege and everything!

17. My Grandmother also used to have a champagne pink Cadillac and she used to have her hair dyed to match it.

18. I love to vacuum, my Dyson Animal is one of my favorite possessions. I also have a robotic vacuum that I named Rosie. I've been known to just start vacuuming at friends houses.

19. I actually really like my Mother in law.

20. Mango is my favorite flavor, gardenia is my favorite smell, baby sneezes are my favorite sound, fall is my favorite time of year, shades of blue/green are my favorite color, and near the ocean with my husband, baby and dogs, is my favorite place to be.

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Erica said...

I would so love to meet your grandmother....any lady who would dye their hair to match there car is right up my alley!!! She sounds like a cool chick!!!! Also, I LOVE my dyson animal too!!!! Best vacuum I've ever owned!!!

Juliet said...

Man, we are so alike, that I thought I was reading my own twenty thinks for most of your list. Especially 13 and 14 =)

Sherry said...

yes, but 15 is not true for you!!!

Sweet Pepita said...

Hey! I love to vacuum, too! Great list, you!

shellydaly said...

Wish I loved to vacuum! I'm asking Santa for a roomba this year...