Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I Was Working On - GlowGirl

GlowGirl took a very interesting side-step in Sept..... from sewing coupon organizers and grocery totes in - to sewing costumes for Todd Rundgren!

Todd was re-creating his 1973 masterpiece A Wizard A True Star...complete with a dozen wild costume changes. Todd's wife Michele was whipping up the costumes a week before the show that Todd had just recently dreamed up. Deb (GlowGirl) a long time fan and friend, offered to help with sewing...thinking it would involve hemming and embellishments... She ended up making "rock star" pants, a fat suit and assorted other outfits. What started as a weekend in Ohio turned into a week on the road with Todd, Michele and the band!!

So if you order a coupon organizer from her and find a feather, a sequin, or some glitter attached to'll know she's still re-living the fun adventure she had!

Post written by GlowGirl


tigerlillyshop said...

omg, that is awesome! go deb!

ianbui said...

Hi, this is Ian. I helped you load your stuff into your friend's car Tuesday morning outside the hotel in Akron. It was raining a little, I remember. Bet you had a great time. Hope all's well.

Jill Popowich Designs said...

That's awesome! You really do rock!