Saturday, July 5, 2008

BEST celebrates Indie-pendence

At the risk of sounding like a bad high school speech, I'm going to start this post with a definition.
Independence is freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.
Now, like many other free-thinking folks out there in the craft community, and yes, the rest of the world, I like to think of myself as being independent. And while I am indeed free from control and influence in most respects, the truth of the matter is, one of the best parts about being part of this community is the support and aid that it offers. The helpful and supportive people that make up the indie community (which incidentally and surprisingly to me was defined in are by far the best thing about being "independent." So while I am very, very, proud to be "indie," I'd like to thank all of my fellow crafters and craft supporters - because there's just no way I could do this alone.

Happy Indie-pendence Day, everyone! xoxo jen menkhaus

I am glad to be part of the indie community because it has given me the freedom to balance my life with what I love most. Creating art, making things, and being a full time mother has been acheivable because of the independance I have fostered through etsy and the local community. It's a great time to be making and selling! -tigerlillyshop

Indie crafts are unique and unexpected and right on. You can't find a tofu for Obama stuffie at a big box store! -sweetpepita

I've never really understood how "indie" craft is defined. For me, it means anything and everything handmade. It means making handmade things a part of everyone's everyday lives. It means being part of a community that encourages making as a way of life. Above all, it means having fun doing what you're doing. -vwstudios

I LOVE being able to meet and make connections with the people who are taking my artwork into their homes; to actually be able to talk to a child who is deciding between two knitimals, or have a conversation with someone about the meaning behind one of my illustrations as I'm wrapping it up for them. It's a nice full circle kind of thing that you just don't get in a chain store or somewhere where you never know how that product got to you. -greenstarstudio

I love making functional works of art. The indie community is so supportive and positive. I love the constant feedback from both creators and buyers. I love how accessible it is to the REAL world, as oppose to showing paintings in a gallery. I've love all the new friends I've made through the indie world! -jennyjen42

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