Thursday, July 31, 2008

Twenty Things - JennyJen 42

1. I love the sounds of birds and am constantly trying to imitate them.
2. I eat chocolate almost every day.
3. I hate to eat alone.
4. I absolutely detest mayonnaise.
5. I love to ride my bike fast down hills.
6. Since turning 40, I’ve ridden my bike down some insane hill or mountain on my birthday.
7. I always wanted to go to the Art Institute of Chicago for Graduate school.
8.I would love to eat lunch with Henry Rollins one day.
9.I have a memory of being small enough to hide in the milk box .
10. I get nervous when cooking for many people.
11. I have an attention span of a high school student.
12. I wish I was a painter when abstract expressionism was happening.
13. I hate using WORD to type documents.
14. I have a strange fascination with minimalism.
15. I once drove to Lake George in up state New York in the middle of the night.
16. I saw almost every hardcore punk rock band in the early eighties.
17. I loved making beanbags as a kid.
18. I had a very bad Mohawk that I gave myself when I was in college.
19. I could not imagine my life without my husband. He absolutely completes me. He is my best friend!
20. I really love getting dressed up!

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Juliet said...

Mohawk photos, please! =)

elisasherejewelry said...

Definitely, Mohawk photos! Cute list, I love it.

greenstarstudio said...

am i the only BESTer who doesn't mind mayo? i'm sensing a trend here...

jennyjen said...

you can check out my mohawk in its grown out stage here:

jennyjen said...


Anokoblogger said...

I, too, saw almost every hardcore punk rock band in the 80s. But you knew that.