Sunday, July 13, 2008

Artscape Hustle

1. "Sitting among my upholstery and button jewelry projects as I inflate balloons to refresh my sculpture that's in the satellite Artscape exhibit, Sanguine Dreams at the Creative Alliance."- TigerLillyShop

2. "It's terrible to be a procrastinator and work in a medium that absolutely must be finished at least a week before you need it. But, wow, I love the way clay takes it shape in my hands! Just a few more slabs rolled out and a few more images painted and my cups will be ready for Artscape."- VWStudios

3. "I've been spending days in piles of yarn and fluff and actually fell asleep knitting the other night, and somehow woke up with the piece I was working on AND both my eyes still intact. Will there be KNITIMALS at Artscape? Oh yes... there will be Knitimals."- GreenStarStudio

4. "The things we do to our hands! But it's so worth it to see finished work piled high after a sewing marathon! OK, several sewing marathons."- SweetPepita

5. "In this photo, I am trimming the edges of some canvas, under the direct supervision of my studio manager/guard dog, Guisseppe!"- JenyGwen

6. "Me getting ready to score cards on my press."- BowerBoxPress

7. "yep, this is what it's like - the picture is blurry for a reason. the last few weeks my work space is anywhere i am at the moment. and please notice that my daughter is sewing too, and by sewing, i mean grabbing handfuls of embroidery thread and tangling them beyond recognition."- JenMenkhaus

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greenstarstudio said...

look how busy we look! thanks for putting that together, shannon. jen-- it should be mentioned that a good portion of my work is done with a dachshund on my lap as well. we should start a side project with that premise. xo