Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the best & B.E.S.T of Artscape

image by: greenstarstudio

In just a few days the LARGEST free public arts festival in the Nation will take this city by storm. And storms are, by nature, very large, very powerful and filled with performing monkeys and fried food. Oh wait, no... storms are overwhelming, that's what I meant to say. In this, Artscape's 27th year, the festival promises to be even larger, both in size and scope. With so much going on, it's hard to know where to start, what to see and just what to buy!

I love the art exhibitions that are curated for Artscape each year--- I'm particularly jazzed about "Penned"; in the Pinkard Gallery, Bunting Center.

An exhibition of pen and/or marker drawings including photographs of the pens used to make them. The more than 100 drawings in this exhibition cover a broad range of pens from the generic ball point to the traditional rapid-o-graph and feather quill to the modern array of jell and artists’ pens. It just sounds fun!

If you're coming to Artscape with your kids, you've got to go to the Family Art Park; over a dozen local museums & organizations on hand, great art projects and hands on activities for the young and young at heart. (stop by the Walters Art Museum tent and tell them Dana sent you!)

Naturally you'll want to stop by the B.E.S.T table over in the new D.I.Y. section; there's going to be a lot of great work there AND the chance to win an amazing collection of fabulousness in our upcoming giveaway. Speaking of giveaways... while you're there, pick up a greenstarstudio "goodie bag" filled with discounts & coupons, and then make your way over to the Artist's Market to put those coupons to good use!

The Artist's Market occupies almost all of Mt. Royal Avenue, from Maryland Ave north. It'll be crowded, but it'll be worth it. As you wind your way toward North Avenue, you should definitely check out daphne olive (booth # E096), who I love as much for her jewelry as i do her dismissal of capital letters. I was given one of her resin necklaces a few years ago and i just think it's fabulous. They're like soft, calming little pieces of neo-plasticism for your neck. This is daphne's first year in Artscape , but she owns a store in D.C. and if her booth is anything like her shop, we're in for a treat.

A little farther along, you'll find fellow B.E.S.Ter Liz Mathews of Liz Mathews Jewelry Design, in booth E137. I love the little stories they tell... and you can always get me with a good piece of bird jewelry!

Another MUST SEE is my buddy Erika Rubel of Had Matter; Erika takes all sorts of vintage and reclaimed wonder and turns them into keyholders with shelves, clocks and mail holders.

Two years ago, everyone we knew got Erika's work for Christmas. It's that good. She's in booth E158, just one "gang tent" (big tents that cover about 5 individual booths) away from me, so stop in and see Erika, then keep on walking until you find me!

greenstarstudio will be in booth E163 (near the Fox Building & Brown Center on MICA's campus) , but you'll likely see it well before you're close enough to read the booth numbers. Each year i try to spruce up my digs and make the space just a little more welcoming and bright. greenstarstudio is all about 'art you can live with', so you'll find most of the work in situ, acting both functional and decorative. There will, as always, be tons of new Knitimals, decorative boxes and frames, and original framed illustrations; new this year: the eco-friendly Recyclimals, brand new coloring books, knitimal soap, coffee cup cozies, decals, magnets, pins, stickers and more! (check out my blog for more info & savings!).

There's a lot to see and do... and eat, at Artscape and luckily, you've got three days to do it! Artscape is open Friday & Saturday 12-10pm, and Sunday 12-8pm, rain or shine. So, make sure you visit the B.E.S.T table and get your coupon pack; grab a strawberry smoothie and some hand cut fries, and make your way up Mt. Royal Avenue! Hope to see you there.

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elisasherejewelry said...

Don't forget to go check out B.E.S.T. core members The Broken Plate Company, aka Juliet and Sweet Pepita, aka, Shannon. Both have their own booths in the D.I.Y. tent. They are amazing and not be missed!