Saturday, August 23, 2008

Creative Spaces - The Broken Plate

I'm sure you have seen my stack of unbroken plates, now I get to share the rest of my glamorous work space! Above is "where the magic happens." (Sorry, I have always wanted to say that.) This is my breaking station where I smash plates and separate the pieces into different piles depending on what I can use the piece for. The green box is the flat center of a plate, blue box is the rim, red box is filled with half plates and the brown box is trash.
This is the soldering station, more magic happens here. The orange thing hanging under the paper towels is a Mr. T Soap on a Rope, he is my little mascot. "I pity the Fool who interrupts my solder!"

This space rarely looks like this, but when it does, I do some finishing and packaging here. I love my work space, but sometimes I just hate being in the basement. Sometimes, I can't help but bring everything upstairs and solder on the island in the kitchen (shh, don't tell Mr. Broken Plate.)

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jennyjen said...

i love the Mr. T soap on the rope! thanks for sharing your space Juliet! I know all about working in the basement!