Thursday, August 21, 2008

Twenty Things - Carly Goss

Twenty things you didn't know about me, by Carly Goss, new member of the Charm City Craft Mafia. Visit her website or her blog.

1. I love meeting fellow Massholes. It makes me sad when I meet other people from Massachusetts who aren't as excited about having met me.
2. I sing 200 year old religious shape note hymns. Loudly.
3. I'm an atheist.
4. I'm quite certain my weaving teacher in college hated my work.
5. I used to perform Balkan music and dance. My group won first prize among foreigners at the Koprivshtitsa festival in Bulgaria in 2000.
6. I am learning to play banjo.
7. I have cut off all my hair and called it "art" more than once.
8. I'm six feet tall.
9. I drink water out of a Mason jar--sometimes it's mistaken for hooch.
10. I hate holes. I don't want to talk about it.
11. When I get overwhelmed I make lists which overwhelm me even more.
12. I used to want to own sheep. Then I became good friends with sheep farmers. I don't want sheep anymore.
13. When I feel out of control I take on more than I can handle to prove that I'm in control.
14. I have enormous "craft crushes" on Jen from Cotton Monster, Shawna of Pink Kiss Pottery and Shannon of Sweet Pepita.
15. More people refer to my boyfriend as "Goat" than by his real name.
16. I am an archivist's dream. I keep a regular journal, a weaving journal, fertility charts, lists, calendars, the occasional health, dream, mood or food journal... it's ridiculous.
17. I've taken my temperature every morning for the past 5 years. 98.6 degrees is not the norm.
18. I once sang on stage with Alison Krauss and Ralph Stanley.
19. I staged parkour photos for the Goat's valentine this year.
20. I heart hula hoops.


Juliet said...

I love the term "craft crush", and have quite a few myself! I have to agree with you on those choices though! =)

Charm City Craft Mafia said...
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Carly said...

Ha! I know...and the list could go on and on.
Just a note: I wanted to make sure folks know that this photo was taken by my buddy Quev and more of his work can be seen at
Gotta give credit where credit's due!

Lucky said...

loved your list - had a smile on my face while reading the entire thing.

Sweet Pepita said...

Carly, this is so awesome! You have to come over now because we drink from mason jars here, too!

Joseph Young said...

oh heck, i know these things! you need a list of things like, what i scream when i wake up from nightmares about pancakes and things like that.

Carly said...

Why don't we just delete this whole thing and forward any inquiries to Joe Young, who already knows me through and through? :)

To Lucky and Shannon: Thanks! Glad you learned something, unlike my buddy, JY, who just saw this as an opportunity to torture me with visions of pancake air bubbles.