Saturday, August 30, 2008

Remember Hurricane Katrina

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Infamous Hurricane Katrina hit just 3 yrs ago. It is an anniversary that I feel we, as a nation should acknowledge with an awed reverence... The forgotten people who truly suffered those days. New Orleans will always remember their trauma whenever Aug. 29th rolls around.

As a person who grew up outside of New Orleans and who still has family living there, Hurricane Katrina’s anniversary is one that hits with post traumatic stress. I wasn’t there to witness it first hand, but I watched the National Weather Service’s live streaming radar from my computer screen all morning. To my disbelief, their radar went down and there were no more updates as Katrina’s eye went right over New Orleans. What the radar did not show was the 25’ storm surge from Lake Pontchartrain, the lake north of the city, that had pushed over it’s banks and flooded my family’s community in Slidell.

I watched the aftermath of this storm on television with my 4 month old in my arms, I was in disbelief. The levees were broken and the Crescent City started to fill ever so slowly. I saw desperate mothers and their babies, elderly, and poor people stranded and forgotten by their government.

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Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath is a shameful episode in our nation’s history. Please remember all who suffered on that day and the horrible days that followed. And acknowledge the devastation that some families are still living with 3 yrs.later.

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