Thursday, August 28, 2008

Twenty Things - Jenygwen

1. i live/love to eat and have specific ways of eating almost borders on OCD.
2. i enjoy moving and have done so 16 times.
3. my favorite number is 22.
4. i 've wanted to be an artist since the third grade, i never considered another career option.
5. if my inner child isn't apparent, it is always bubbling just below the surface waiting for an excuse to come out.
6. i have jumped out of a plane
7. i am in a bocce ball league...i secretly yearn to win the bocce ball trophy at the end of our season.
8. i have fantastic inlaws (my bocce ball partner is my father inlaw).
9. dolls tend to creep me out.
10. one of my favorite things to do is sing... i give my husband free concerts when we are in the car.
11. my husband and i were friends for 12 years before we started dating.
12. my favorite color has used to be yellow, now it is pink.
13. i love bugs, i once gave one CPR...really.
14. i love old things...except dolls!
15. i am obsessed with my garden and have an ongoing (nonviolent) feud with a neighborhood cat who thinks it is his litterbox!
16. i like driving in NYC.
17. my least favorite food is suckatash but it is one of my favorite words.
18. when i get old enough to retire i want to run a bed & breakfast.
19. i love being in water.
20. i have very vivid dreams and frequently remember them when i wake up.

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elisasherejewelry said...

My favorite number is 22 also, how funny!

averagejen said...

i also am afraid of dolls, and i am VERY curious as to how to give a bug cpr. y'know, in case it comes up.

jenygwen said...

Jen-I'll give u a demonstration next time I see u!

Spa Therapy Works said...
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Spa Therapy Works said...

Oh, I wanna see that demonstration, too!!

I also can remember most of my vivid dreams.

Karen said...

Now I can't stop saying SUCKATASH in my head! I agree--Yuck.

jenygwen said...

elisa-yay 22!!!