Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Renaissance is Happening

Ah, it is mid August. The air is cooling down, Back-to-School sales are everywhere we turn, Fall is coming… and so is the Maryland Renaissance Festival!

What better opportunity to let your medieval side hang out by gnawing on a turkey leg, drinking mead and throwing axes. There is fun for everyone, storytelling for the little ones, jousting, games, demonstrations and crafts galore!

That's right, there are truly wonderful artisans hocking their wares, everything from handmade boots to blown glass to horns and tails (for the devilish creature in all of us).

The festival runs from August 23rd and runs through October 19th and is located in Crownsville, Maryland.

Post written by Jill Popowich


Eileen said...

I'm so glad I saw this post...I hope we get to go this year...Last year we missed it...So much fun...

Regan said...

I'm part of CREST, but I've got my season pass at the ready. :)

Great pictures, BTW.