Monday, August 4, 2008

Sweet Pepita is the Best!

In case we haven't talked about the Best of Baltimore enough, one of our own was given her own special nod in this month's issue.
Baby Greens Shannon Delanoy had a hard time finding sweatshop-free clothing for her daughter Alice. So she started the Sweet Pepita,, baby clothing line last year. The line takes retro T-shirts and blends them with brightly colored, 100-percent organic cotton shipped from New Mexico. Delanoy makes shirts, dresses, scarves, bibs, and hats. She explains that most of the T-shirts that she alters come from thrift stores or friends' closets, so some toddlers get adorned with a Guinness logo or Jimi Hendrix decal. A small price to pay for sustainability.
Go Shannon!!!

Get the entire BOB 2008 list here.


tigerlillyshop said...

so proud of you, shannon!

Sweet Pepita said...

Thank you guys! I'm so excited!

elisasherejewelry said...

So well deserved! I am so excited for you.

jenygwen said...

CONGRATS!!!! we're so happy for you!