Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Indie-pendent Business - Peter's Inn

Last week, my husband and I were looking for a tasty dinner and we were determined to try someplace new rather than a predictable standby. On a friend’s recommendation, we headed to Peter’s Inn in Fell's Point. It turns out this gem of a restaurant has been around for years and is the quintessential Baltimore tavern.

Peter’s is quaint (read tiny,) but that gave us plenty of reason to cozy up to the bar while we perused the chalkboard menu that changes weekly. From the lip-smacking cocktail to the indulgent pesto garlic bread, every moment leading up to our meal was tantalizing! Once my seared scallops with spinach, potato and a pernod cream sauce arrived, I was truly in heaven! Just like enjoying a meal at my mom’s house, Peter’s Inn filled me with warmth, a delectable entrée, and a dose of practicality. Check out their bathroom and you’ll know what I mean. Who else thinks of having a bottle of Scope available for public use?!

Post written by sugarpaperie.


Elisa Shere said...

I've been wanting to try Peter's Inn and have heard nothing but good things about them. Sounds yummy!

Spa Therapy Works said...

what an awesome find. That place sounds worth checking out!

Sweet Pepita said...

I love Peter's Inn! Awww, we haven't been there in such a long time. I have to go back!

Prêt à Voyager said...

I've heard great things. Been meaning to try it myself :)