Thursday, October 9, 2008

Twenty Things - VW Studios

1. I grew up in the rustbelt and have an innate love of old industrial buildings.
2. For most of my childhood I wanted to be an architect or an engineer.
3. At night, I often dream about my hair being different. They are the kind of dreams that seem so real I'm surprised when I look in the mirror in the morning.
4. I swam on a synchronized swim team for 10 years. Then I became the coach.
5. Cleaning always makes me feel better when I'm down.
6. I recently discovered the wonder and richness of plain old swiss cheese. Mmmm.
7. Before I die I want to experience first-hand the vastness of the ocean by sailing between two continents.
8. My studio is in an industrial complex that is shared with big-rig trucking companies.
9. I love to cook and hope to someday write a cooking blog.
10. I studied Swahili in college. Who knew a language could have seven different genders of nouns?!
11. My grandmother taught me to make friends with all living things, even spiders.
12. I'll eat almost any food you put in front of me--at least once!
13. Orange, blue, green, and dark red are all my favorite colors (why pick just one?), but I almost always wear neutrals.
14. As a lifeguard, I walked around swinging my whistle around my index finger.
15. I once had a job digging back-country latrines in northern Minnesota.
16. My dining room is painted brown.
17. Biking is my preferred mode of transportation whether the trip by two miles or 200.
18. I'm infatuated with audio books.
19. I teach ceramics.
20. I'm also a graphic designer.

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Sweet Pepita said...

You are amazing! Can you teach us synchronized swimming? pleeeeeaaase?

tigerlillyshop said...

i think so, too. we need some synchronized swimming lessons;)

Juliet said...

I'm out on the swimming front, but I can hang with the cheeeese!

jenygwen said...

synchronized eating and drinking!

Spa Therapy Works said...

You are WONDER-WOMAN!!!! :)

Elisa Shere said...

I'm so impressed with all your hidden talents, but no surprised! I've always wanted to learn syncronized swimming.

ks said...

Come tell us what you want to do before you die:

Jill Popowich Designs said...

Mmmm, chocolate covered walls in the dining room. I love it!