Monday, October 6, 2008

Featured Seller: Little Llama

I found little llama on Flickr and immediately fell in love with her nature-inspired jewelry, which is set off by beautiful photography.

The piece I covet the most is this necklace. I love the way the natural look of the wood contrasts with the shape of the bead.

little llama says of her work, “Often I tend to make jewelry that’s simple and sober, yet striking. Other times I feel like making more colorful and bold jewelry, so you’re sure to find some variety. Nature and all sorts of photographs form a real inspiration source to me.”

A good example of this natural inspiration can be seen in this necklace—a very natural shape in a striking color and setting.

Finally, check out the amazing texture of these earrings. I bet they would catch the light beautifully.

Post written by bennyandheidi

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Littlellama said...

Thanks for the feature!!