Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday FInds - Favorite Fellas

For today's Friday Finds i went into my favorites to compile a grouping of my favorite little fella's. Being an avid birdy bird lover as well as a sucker for the plushies, I had to make this collection with a big smile on my face! Hope this brightens your Friday too!

Hootie Who- Owl Plushie by Stichface

Owl Buddy with zig zag print by Stelabird

little boy owl dude by hitree

Stewart the Owl Vintage Inspired Wool Felt Decorative Doll Pillow by Cuore

BEST's own greenstarstudio's newest invention:

red bird knitimal MASK


Ashley said...

I absolutely ADORE these! I am obsessed with Owls, and they are just too cute.

Sweet Pepita said...

The mask is adorable, Dana!!

greenstarstudio said...

thanks Shannon! i'm finding they're a great new treat for halloween and anytime-dress-up!

Estela said...

thank you for including me!
I must say, I need that mask!!