Thursday, October 16, 2008

Twenty Things - Miscelena

  1. I’m a Maryland native, but I don’t eat crabs… or much other seafood.
  2. I love heights, but hate the feeling of falling - I’ll sit on the edge of cliffs, but never ride roller coasters.
  3. I’m on the Council of the Annapolis City Center of the International Interior Design Association as an Event Planner.
  4. My three cats are named Links, Java, and Adobe… because of their colorings: one looks a bit like a lynx, one is a black-coffee colored tortie with latte speckles, and the last is an apricot tabby. The fact that their names are also computer-related just proves I’m a geek.
  5. Within the last six months I’ve read no less than five nonfiction books about the fifteenth century exploration of the Americas. (More proof that I’m a geek.)
  6. I just bought my third Honda Civic – and this one’s red!
  7. My wallet, card case, compact mirror, moleskine and leather portfolio are also red. (One guess at my favorite color…!)
  8. I can move my pinky toe independently of my other toes, and often pick dropped things up with my feet, causing my younger brother to teasingly identify me as The Missing Link.
  9. I wear glasses only for reading, so I had my prescription put into my mother’s aluminum cat-eye frames from the late 50’s…. and they were perfect for HonFest, too (see photo!)
  10. I’ve driven cross-country twice; once from DC to LA, the other time from Phoenix to Baltimore.
  11. Being part-Scottish, I think a bottle of The Macallan 15 year expression is worth the splurge… but I’m unlikely to shell out for anything older.
  12. I’m mostly tone-deaf.
  13. The Greek side of my family has owned restaurants in Annapolis since the 1930’s – but my grandfather chose instead to deliver mail on the Naval Academy Yard… and that’s how he met my grandmother.
  14. I once sold a gorgeous hand-carved-wood Louis XVI console table to a client who needed a place to put their keys when they came in their front door … and it cost them more than my yearly salary at the time. This convinced me that I no longer wanted to work in residential interior design.
  15. Last year, a Maryland State Representative found one of my photos representing his District on my Flickr page, and requested a print of it to hang in his office. In return, he donated to my son’s school.
  16. My specialty in the kitchen is waffles… cinnamon-spice or almond most often… and I make them in my heart-shaped waffle-maker.
  17. Favorite vacation to date: Fifteen teenagers, thirteen days in Europe, ten cities, six chaperones, one of which was me.
  18. Dream vacation: Alaska cruise.
  19. When I was eight, my hair was so long that I could sit on it….and then Dorothy Hamill was in the Olympics and I got it all cut off to match her swingy-bob.
  20. I feel so blessed and lucky to know so many creative people in so many different design communities, and I’m so impressed with the work produced by my fellow members of the Baltimore Etsy Street Team!
photo by bodhi47

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Juliet said...

What a great list, I learned so mcuh! Love the glasses and the story about your flickr photo is awesome. You never know what can come up day to day from this crazy web!

jenygwen said...

i'm coming over for waffles! don't tell anyone, but i rocked the dorothy hamill bob too!

Jill Popowich Designs said...

Well, that makes three for a Dorothy Hamill. I love your glasses too!