Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twenty Things - Anne Ditmeyer

Twenty things you didn't know about Anne Ditmeyer, blogger at Prêt à Voyager . You can also find Anne as one of the contributing editors on design*sponge , where she manages the sneak peeks and runs the "regional roundup" column.

1. My current theme song is "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall - I like to imagine myself as Anne Hathaway in the opening of "Devil Wears Prada"
2. My dad and I applied to be on the Amazing Race. I'm still bummed we weren't picked!
3. I HATE sauerkraut
4. The highest compliment someone ever gave me was that I was a French woman trapped in an American body
5. Pancakes and potatoes are my two favorite foods. I do love strawberries too.
6. I always thought I hated cherries because I associated them with the medicine I took as a kid. Turns out I love them!
7. I can stay I traveled around the world -literally - by the time I was 21 (and on a ship!).
8. As a kid I wanted to be an Olympic athlete so I could have an awesome warm up suit - I would have been a swimmer.
9. I have two friends who are gold medalists.
10. I'm UBER independent and not afraid to do things or go places alone. That being said I also have the coolest friends in the world!!!!
11. I've lived car free for over 2 years now, and wouldn't have it any other way. (The only thing I miss is car dancing).
12. I've been known to dress up as costumed characters.
13. I have no desire to be an actress, but I'd kill to be an extra!
14. My mom makes fun of me for dressing up for casual occasions, and down for dressy occasions.
15. I'm trying to come up with a plan to run away to Paris.
16. In college I voluntarily woke up at 5:30am everyday!
17. My best friend and I live in the same city and still send each other real letters.
18. Amelie is my favorite movie.
19. In another life I'd be a dancer.
20. I don't drink coffee.

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Prêt à Voyager said...

Thanks so much for the invitation, Jen!!!


Elisa Shere said...

I'm so impressed that you are car free in Baltimore, that takes some bravery and effort! I love that you have a theme song (imaginary or not). Great 20 things!

Sweet Pepita said...

awww! I want to see you on the Amazing Race! Keep applying!

Meganvw said...

When I was a kid I also imagined I was going to be an Olympic swimmer. I think there is something about swimming or swim coaches that makes that seem like an attainable goal.

Thanks for the great 20 things!

jenygwen said...

suddenly i see! now i've got that song in my head! great list!