Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello Craft!

Hello Craft is collecting stories about making and buying handmade. This will be a weekly podcast hosted by Tina Seamonster. Tina is a regular Cut the Craft and Storque contributor and gnome and zombie extraordinaire.

Call the toll-free voice-mail line at 1-888-317-3785 and tell Tina, Sara, Kim and Kelly your story in under 5 minutes and it might appear on a future episode of their soon to be launched podcast. They want to know everything from who inspires you to make, buying your first sewing machine, how the handmade community effects your life, crafting injuries and failures and brilliance and successes.

So how do you do it? It’s easy!

1. Decide what story you want to tell.
2. You can either record it yourself and email it to them if you have the know-how or call the toll-free voice-mail line (1-888-317-3785) and leave a message up to 5 minutes long.
3. Please start your message like this: "Hello Craft! My name is *your name here* and I make *blank*. If you don't make anything, then say, "and I buy handmade". Then tell your story. Extra points if it is funny or sad!
4. At the end, give your email address, business name, etc. and they will edit out the email address. They just need to be able to contact you.

Email with questions. The phone number is toll-free in the US. Be sure to contact them if you are outside of the US and would like to contribute. Get your stories heard!

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tinaseamonster said...

thanks for posting about this! our first episode is up! it features this chickadee!

and the podcast is easy to listen to with our audio player!