Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Favorite Handmade Possession: Zetta

My favorite handmade item was given to me by my boyfriend on my 21st birthday. We celebrated by spending the day at I Made This!, a paint-your-own pottery studio in downtown Frederick, where I made a heart-shaped jewelry box. Completely unbeknownst to me, he’d bought this handmade flying heart necklace as my gift weeks before—so by pure coincidence, it ended up matching the jewelry box perfectly! Now I wear it almost every day.

The pendant is molded from PMC, a mixture of fine silver and organic binders that, when fired, leaves only solid silver behind. I wish I could remember the name of the designer--I know that the necklace was bought through Shanalogic, but the designer has since stopped selling there (which is too bad, because I remember her/him having a lot of great PMC pieces). The initials “J.K.” have been signed on the back, which is the only clue I have to go on—if anyone recognizes it, I’d love to know!

written by Zetta


Shana Logic said...

I'm so excited that you love that piece! I'm shana (the owner of shanalogic.xom) and can tell you all about it:-)

The artist's name is katie. Her company is called JustKatieDesigns.com which is why it says JK on the back of the necklace.

She has just had a baby which is why we haven't carried her pieces for a few months (she's really busy!!) but we do plan on working with her again;-)


Yummy and Company said...

so pretty!
i just did a drawing of a winged heart...i love them too!