Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twenty Things: Sylvia Ortiz

New York native Sylvia Ortiz, now based in Baltimore, has been heavily active in the urban art scene since 2002 having her first solo exhibition that same year. As a working artist she has exhibited her work across the globe with artist groups such as The Antagonist Movement and The Soup Group. You can see her work at her upcoming show beginning May 1 at Definition Gallery.

1. i'm a self professed dorkus maximus

2. i'm the biggest chicken on the planet but can't live without my scary movies

3. i am also an anime junkie

4. chocoholic to the max

5. i have a comic book collection

6. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love animals....what girl doesn't :-)

7. o o o o i love video games!!!!

8. can crack my collar bone, wrists and ankles

9. i've got a double jointed thumb

9. i have a potty mouth

10. i know how to fish and I'm pretty good at it

11. i make a mean ass Coquito (look it up)

12. got accepted to copper union's prestigious portfolio prep with just 2 sketchbooks at was the beginning of my professional schooling in the arts

13. my biggest accomplishment was beating the odds and surviving the urban jungle i grew up in

14.graduated from parsons school of design in 2002 but my diploma says 2003

15. my artwork has traveled the world and the furthest I’ve been is D.C.

16. i'm a space cadet who can quote nietzsche

17. i think my H. S. teacher hit on me when i was teaching art there.....weird

18. i am amazing with tools i can teach ya how to build a house or do it myself

19. i have chronic endometriosis...

20. i was born Summer of Sam in the city that never sleeps, my mom dyed her hair blond and cut it short, was 9 months pregnant with me when the infamous blackout of 77 happened.... true story.

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Yummy and Company said...

no way!!!! i love her work!!!!!

Yummy and Company said...

no way, meaning, i didn't know she lives here!!!

Karen said...

Yes, she's very talented and adorable, too!

sylvia ortiz said...

you guys are tooo awesome!!! <3