Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twenty Things: Zetta

Twenty things you didn't know about Sam of Zetta.
1. I love thunderstorms.
2. If I wasn’t pursuing a creative career, I think I’d like to fly helicopters for a living.
3. My secret dream is to move to New Zealand and raise sheep.
4. I have the short term memory span of a goldfish. I carry a little moleskine notebook with me everywhere to keep my thoughts in, since they certainly aren’t going to stay in my head.
5. When out in public, my significant other and I often get mistaken for siblings. It can lead to some really funny or awkward situations, depending on how you want to look at it.
6. I’m completely uninterested in sports, except for soccer. I can’t wait for the World Cup to come around again!
7. I am seriously pigeon-toed.
8. I sleep a lot—eight hours a night minimal, ten hours ideally. But I hate sleeping in past 8am. It makes me feel like I’ve missed out on something.
9. I have incredibly vivid dreams, and they’re often the inspiration for my writing and art work.
10. I hate romantic comedies, but I love action movies. The more explosions, the better.
11. On a related note, Bruce Willis is my favorite actor, and has been since I saw Die Hard on TV at the age of six.
12. If I had to choose one word to describe myself it would probably be: distracted.
13. Chainmaille is my “detox” craft. It’s what I do when I’m stressed, angry or suffering some kind of artist’s block. I think it’s very relaxing.
14. Sushi is my food of choice. Other than that, I’m not a big fan of meat.
15. I’m kind of a geek. During my freshman year of college I beat an entire fraternity in their own Halo 2 tournament. It won me a ‘party animal’ t-shirt and a Hooters calendar. I’m sure my mom is proud.
16. I’m a big fan of game shows, especially the really colorful, outrageous ones. The Price is Right is my favorite.
17. I dislocated both of my knees when I was in elementary school. Now that I’m older, I can feel changes in the weather through them.
18. Owls freak me out.
19. I love children’s literature, and have read way more of it than I have ‘adult’ novels. It makes me sad every time I see one turned into a movie.
20. I also enjoy reading quantum physics books. I won’t pretend that I completely understand the subject, but I think it’s interesting.

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Nancy said...

Hi Zetta:) I share your dream of #3. I also think the owls comment is funny because, well, in Native American Lore, hearing an owl's hoot symbolizes an impending death.

zettaworks said...

Hey Nancy =) I really can't explain the owl thing...but I do have Native American ancestry, so maybe that's it!

Elisa Shere said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing, Zetta. Although, the fact that you saw Die Hard at 6 makes me feel old :)